03 What has Lebanon done so far?
Timeline for Oil and Gas in Lebanon and the region
Gas Discovery Off Coast of Palestine
Palestine discovers Gaza Marine Gas Field, a 39.6 billion cubic meters gas find.
Gas Discovery Off Coast of Israel
Israel discovers Noa gas field containing nearly 14 billion cubic meters of natural gas.
Feb 2000
Israel Discovers Mari-B Gas Field
Israel announces Mari-B gas field, a 28.3 billion cubic meters discovery.
Jan 2009
Major Gas Find Offshore Israel
Tamer gas field discovered offshore Israel, a reservoir estimated to contain 283.1 million cubic meters of natural gas.
Mar 2009
Gas Discovery Off the Coast of Israel
Israel discovers Dalit gas field containing an estimated 14.1 billion cubic meters of gas.
Dec 2009
Israel Discovers Another Large Gas Field
Israel – Noble Energy announces discovery of the Tamar gas.
Dec 2010
Israel Discovers its Largest Gas Field Yet
Israel – Noble Energy announces Leviathan gas field the existence of a major gas field, a nearly 622.9 billion cubic meters discovery.
Nov 2011
Israel Discovers Small Gas Field Offshore
Dolphin gas field discovery estimated to contain 15.5 million cubic meters later downgraded to 2.2 million cubic meters in 2012.
Dec 2011
Cyprus Discovers Large Gas Field in Offshore Waters
Cyprus discovers Aphrodite gas field. In June 2015 Cyprus announces plans for the commercialization of this field.
Feb 2012
Gas Field Discovered by Israel
Discovery of Tanin gas field offshore Israel, an estimated 36.8 billion cubic meters gas discovery.
May 2013
Israel Discovers Gas Field
Israel announces Karish gas field, a potential 56.6 billion cubic meters discovery, near waters disputed with Lebanon.
BASICS about Oil and Gas in Lebanon