Lebanese Oil and Gas Initiative
(LOGI) Introduction
An Independent NGO Promoting the Transparent Management of Lebanon’s Oil and Gas Resources
TIMELINE for Oil and Gas in Lebanon and the region
Late 1960s
First O&G Onshore Exploration
Lebanese Petroleum Company Drills exploratory wells in al Qa, Adloun, and another in Yamour.
Early 1970s
Seismic Surveys Offshore Tripoli
Jan 2007
Jan 2007 Lebanon-Cyprus EEZ Agreement Signed
Lebanon and Cyprus agree in principle to terms over demarcating their Exclusive Economic Zones. The Lebanese government has never ratified this agreement
Jan 2009
Israel: Discovery of Tamer Gas Field
Tamer Gas Field is a reservoir estimated to contain 10 trillion cubic feet of natural gas
Aug 2010
Hydrocarbon Law Passed
Dec 2010
Israel: Leviathan Gas Field Discovered
Dec 2011
Cyprus: Aphrodite Gas Field Discovered
In June 2015 Cyprus announces plans for the commercialization of this field.
Nov 2012
Petroleum Administration Formed
Board of Lebanese Petroleum Administration formed after months of debate and missed deadlines
Feb 2013
Pre-qualification Phase Launched
In March, the pre-qualification round closed with 46 companies eligible to bid in Lebanon’s first licensing round
Jun 2015
2D Onshore Seismic Survey
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