03 What has Lebanon done so far?
Timeline for Oil and Gas in Lebanon and the region
1st Legislation for Oil Exploration
French Mandate legislates petroleum exploration in Lebanon
Sep 2007
Lebanon Sets Vision for Oil Exploration
Lebanon’s Council of Minister’s passes its petroleum policy drafted with assistance for the Norwegians. The legislation was endorsed by the Parliament in August 2010.
Aug 2010
Lebanon Parliament Adopts Oil Law
Parliament passes Offshore Petroleum Resources Law # 132/2010.
Aug 2011
Lebanon Formally Demarcates its Maritime Boundaries
Lebanon’s Parliament adopts Law No. 163 on the Delineation and Declaration of the Maritime Zones of the Republic of Lebanon (Official Gazette N° 39, 25 August 2011). As part of this law, in October 2011 Cabinet decree 6433 demarcates Lebanon’s Exclusive Economic Zone.
Jan 2012
Lebanon’s Cabinet Ratifies Oil Law
Lebanon’s Council of Ministers ratifies Offshore Petroleum Resources Law # 132/2010.
Nov 2012
Lebanon Appoints Oil Regulator
Board of Lebanese Petroleum Administration formed after months of debate and missed deadlines.
Feb 2013
Cabinet Approves Implementation Decrees for Oil Law
Council of Ministers approves Petroleum Activities Regulations (PAR) – a collection of application decrees filling out the offshore petroleum resources law.
Jan 2017
Cabinet ratifies necessary decrees to begin delayed bidding round

On January 4th, 2016 Lebanon’s new government passed two needed decrees that had delayed development of an offshore oil and gas sector since 2013. Without the decrees, one pertaining to block delineation and the other to the Tender Protocol and Exploration and Production Agreement (EPA), international oil companies cannot bid for rights to explore for oil and gas in Lebanese waters.

Dec 2017
Cabinet of Ministers approves two bids on blocks 4 & 9
Mar 2018
Lebanese Government publishes signed EPAs
May 2018
Minister of Energy & Water approves exploration plans for blocks 4 & 9
Aug 2018
Draft law for "Whistle Blower Protection" is approved

On the 26th of July, parliament joint committees approve Whistle Blower Protection law

Sep 2018
Draft law for “Strengthening transparency in the petroleum sector” is approved

On September 6th, 2018 the following joint parliamentary committees were present during a joint parliamentary meeting and approved the draft law. 

- Committee of Finance and Budget 

- Committee for National Defense, Interior and Municipalities 

- Committee for National Economy, Trade, Industry and Planning 

- Committee for Agriculture and Justice 

- Committee for Public Works, Transport, Energy and Water

- Committee for administration and justice.

Oct 2018
"Whistle Blower Protection" Law is passed (Law 83/2018)

Parliament holds a general assembly and ratifies the law "Whistle Blower Protection Law" (Law 83/2018)

Oct 2018
“Strengthening transparency in the petroleum sector” law is passed (Law 84/2018)

Parliament holds a general assembly and ratifies the law "Strengthening transparency in the petroleum sector" (Law 84/2018). Law is accessible here

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