03 What has Lebanon done so far?
Timeline for Oil and Gas in Lebanon and the region
Surveying Begins Offshore Tripoli
Seismic surveys offshore Tripoli.
Seismic Surveying Continues Offshore Tripoli
Lebanon commissions GecoPrakla to conduct 2D seismic survey off the coast of Tripoli.
More Seismic Surveys for Offshore Lebanon
Contract signed with Spectrum Geo for 2D seismic surveys of offshore Lebanon.
Lebanon Studies Potential of Seismic Data
Lebanon’s Higher Council for Privatization commissions UK company Exploration Consultants Ltd to interpret Spectrum’s seismic survey data.
Spectrum to Sell Lebanon’s Seismic Data
Lebanon’s Ministry of Energy and Water grants Spectrum exclusive rights to market seismic data until August 2007.
Nov 2005
3D Surveying to Commence Offshore Lebanon
Lebanon’s Ministry of Energy and Water inks contract with PGS to conduct 3D seismic survey acquisition and interpretation off the coast of Lebanon.
Apr 2010
East Mediterranean Gas Potential Estimated At 122 Tcf
United States Geological Survey releases its report on the Eastern Mediterranean suggesting 122 trillion cubic feet gas potential.
Dec 2014
Aerial Surveys of Onshore Lebanon
NEOS Geosolutions completes aerial survey of 6,000 square kilometers onshore Lebanon.
BASICS about Oil and Gas in Lebanon