Call Guinness, Lebanon’s Half Way to a New Record

I should have bet on it. One January 13, when it once again looked like there could be a government in a week, I knew something was wrong.


Michel Aoun was just going to give up the energy and telecom ministries? The latter he fought hard to keep in the transition between the last Siniora and first Saad Hariri governments in 2009, and the former is to build trains and provide free health care.


I was right. Aoun’s not going to be taking this “rotation of portfolios” business lying down.  


Everyone accuses everyone of corruption in this town, but what this Chicagoan believes is that every politician is assumed crooked until proven otherwise. That said, the FPM have been good stewards of these two prized ministries, and it makes perfect sense they don’t want to give them up.

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