What has LOGI been up to? [November 2019]
on 12/4/2019
  • LOGI’s “Why The Rush” campaign won the Wajih Ajouz Award for Online Activism

After the huge success of “Why the rush” campaign in 2018, the light of this campaign wasn’t turned off yet as it was awarded by Samir Kassir Foundation, the Wajih Ajouz Award for online Activism.

This campaign, done in partnership with Kulluna Irada, was launched in response to the rushed course adopted by the parliament for the quick ratification of four very relevant laws that significantly affect the course of the development of the oil and gas sector. The 4 laws that were intended for quick ratification were:

  1. Onshore Petroleum Regulation Law  

  2. The Establishment of the Sovereign Wealth Fund

  3. The Establishment of the National Oil Company

  4. The Establishment of the Directorate for Petroleum Assets

The campaign went viral in 3 days and resulted successfully in stopping the quick ratification of the laws. Moreover, LOGI along with some other organizations and experts were invited to attend two of the sub-committee meetings discussing one of the laws. Up until today, the laws have not been ratified yet. Finally, LOGI in partnership with Kulluna Irada continue to fight against the hasty ratification of these laws by developing position papers and launching additional offline campaigns to direct the laws in the right direction.

Click here to watch the video campaign


  • LOGI’s outreach all around Lebanon

LOGI’s team executed a number of outreaches all around Lebanon (Samir Kassir Garden, Al-Laazarieh DownTown, Baakline, Tyre, Zouk, Jounieh and Zahle) where they introduced the oil and gas sector to the audience, dispelled some fake news and opened up the floor for questions and interesting discussions.

An emphasis was made on the importance of citizen participation in decision making through unlocking parliamentary sub-committee meetings to allow for public participation and oversight.


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