What has LOGI been up to? [April 2019]

LOGI, Kulluna Irada, The Lebanese Transparency Association, and the Organization for Petroleum and Energy Sustainability launched a campaign last month asking various government entities to publish information relevant to ensuring good governance of the sector.

The 4 organizations had specific requests addressed to the each of the following entities:

  1. To Cabinet: Ratify the Petroleum Registry Decree

  2. To the Energy Ministry: Publish the Rosneft deal, publish the bank statement of the account generated by the sales of seismic data in the Lebanese Offshore found at the Central Bank, implement article 10.7 of the “Strengthening Transparency in the Petroleum Sector” Law number 84/2018 and publish the names of the beneficial owners of all subcontracted companies in the petroleum sector.

  3. To the Finance Ministry: Publish the payments related to application fees by companies that participated in the first licensing round, as per “Strengthening Transparency in the Petroleum Sector” Law #84/2018, Article 9.3.

We applaud the LPA’s step in publishing the account value 42.74$ Million in response to our request.

For more information about the campaign and its objectives, please check our press release:

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