An Emerging Hydrocarbon Province – Lebanon (Part 1 of 6)

Greetings followers of NEOS. There’s a really interesting oil & gas exploration story

developing in a new frontier hydrocarbon province – of all places, in Lebanon! I know, you

probably are as skeptical reading this today as I was when our project started about a year

ago. But there is cause for hope in the Levant!

Our story will unfold over six chapters in six weeks – think of it as an addition to your

summer reading list, with a nice nod to exploration geoscience. Check back every Monday

for the latest installment – our current publication schedule is as follows:

 20 July – Pervasive evidence of hydrocarbons on the surface

 27 July – Large anticlinal structures in the Triassic

 3 August – Read our feature article in OilVoice

 10 August – Resistivity anomalies in Cretaceous structural closures

 17 August – Onshore exploration opportunity – stacked plays

 24 August – Watch our finale narrated slideshow..........continue reading

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