03 What has Lebanon done so far?
Timeline for Oil and Gas in Lebanon and the region
Apr 2004
Cyprus Defines its EEZ
Cyprus passes law defining its Exclusive Economic Zone.
Maritime Boundary Dispute
Jan 2007
Lebanon and Cyprus Negotiate Maritime Borders
Lebanon and Cyprus agree in principle to terms over demarcating their Exclusive Economic Zones. The Lebanese government has never ratified this agreement.
Maritime Boundary Dispute
Oct 2010
Lebanon Determines Southern Point of EEZ
Lebanon charts the geographical coordinates of its southern maritime border with Israel and its southwestern border with Cyprus with the UN Secretary General. Find UN documentation here
Maritime Boundary Dispute
Dec 2010
Cyprus Israel Agree on Maritime Boundaries
Agreement between Cyprus and Israel over Exclusive Economic Zones; in February 2011 Cyprus ratifies this agreement.
Maritime Boundary Dispute
Sep 2011
Lebanon Objects to Cyprus Israel Maritime Borders
Lebanon’s Foreign Minister addresses another letter to the UN Secretary General objecting to the agreement signed between Israel and Cyprus and ascertaining that the points that Israel adopted are in violation of Lebanese sovereignty.
Maritime Boundary Dispute
Mar 2012
Cyprus Lebanon Disagree Over Amending Maritime Borders
Cyprus informs Lebanon’s Parliament Speaker Nabih Berri that the flaws that Lebanon claim in the EEZ agreements are of no concern to Cyprus, reiterating that amending the existing treaty with Lebanon will only happen by agreement between the three countries; Cyprus, Lebanon and Israel.
Maritime Boundary Dispute
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