Lebanon Could Have Large Offshore Gas Fields

Lebanon may have more offshore natural gas deposits than Cyprus and Syria, based on a recent 3-D seismic survey, the CEO of Norway-based Spectrum Company said Thursday.

“My humble opinion based on the data that I have is that there is greater potential [for natural gas] offshore Lebanon than offshore Cyprus and offshore Syria,” David Rowlands told The Daily Star over the telephone. He added that the Levantine basin offshore Lebanon was more perceptive than offshore Cyprus and Syria.

These results, Rowlands stressed, were based on data gathered from Lebanon, Cyprus and Syria by Spectrum and its partner Dolphin Geophysical, which is surveying the Lebanese coast with its high-capacity seismic vessel, M/V Polar Duke.“We compared the data of offshore Lebanon with the data of offshore Cyprus and Syria.”

But Rowlands declined to compare the potential size of Lebanon’s natural gas to Israel.

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