The Lebanese Oil And Gas Initiative: Promoting Sound Mangement

Natural Gas Europe is pleased to support the efforts of The Lebanese Oil and Gas Initiative (LOGI) in promoting transparency, accountability, sound governance, and engagement with the public to ensure the interests of citizen stakeholders are preserved. Natural Gas Europe encourages the development of similar oil and gas non-governmental organizations.

The Lebanese Oil and Gas Initiative: Promoting Sound Management of Lebanon's Oil and Gas Wealth.

The Lebanese Oil and Gas Initiative (LOGI) is a newly established non-governmental organization (NGO) based in Beirut, Lebanon, that promotes the transparent and sound management of the country’s hydrocarbon resources. LOGI aims to tap into its network of experts from around the world to assist the government in key decisions that will shape and determine Lebanon’s oil and gas future. Beyond offering decision-makers academic and expert support to ensure Lebanon maximises the benefits of its future oil and gas riches, LOGI is determined to provide the public with information on Lebanon’s oil and gas potential, and equip the people of Lebanon with the necessary tools to question the representatives, demand solid answers, suggest solutions and participate in Lebanon’s path towards energy production - and export. 

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