Lebanese Minister of Energy's Speech At The 2nd LIOG Summit 2013
Bassil's speech gave us reassurance regarding the country's energy potential. High hopes, again?

The 2nd Lebanon International Oil and Gas Summit (LIOG) took place on fourth and fifth December 2013 at the Phoenicia Hotel in Beirut. The LIOG Summit was held under the patronage of the Ministry of Energy and Water (MEW), in collaboration with the Lebanon Petroleum Administration and was endorsed by the International Gas Union (IGU). H.E. Eng.Gebran BassilMinister of Energy & Water officially inaugurated the first day of the conference.

In his speech, Bassil talked about what he called the ‘golden era’ of natural gas that the world is entering today. He tackled the question of whether Lebanon will be able to enter the game in time or whether Lebanon will be a late comer that will eventually only benefit partially. Bassil answered by stressing that it is crucial for Lebanon not to enter the market too late, highlighting however that a precipitated entry would be equally detrimental.

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