Hezbollah: Siniora Gave Away Lebanese Oil

A recent spat between a Hezbollah politician and former prime minister Fouad Siniora has brought attention to the alleged mishandling of Lebanon’s maritime boundary demarcation, a mistake which may have ceded significant oil and gas resources to Israel.

MP Nawaf Moussawi of Hezbollah’s parliamentary bloc slammed Siniora for his “defeatist policy with the [Israeli] enemy” after accusing the former prime minister of illegally signing an agreement with Cyprus which resulted in granting 850 square kilometers of territorial waters, and any oil or gas resources therein, to Israel.

Siniora and Future Bloc MP Ammar Houry responded on Twitter by criticizing Hezbollah over “the predicament it has gotten itself into in Syria, where it is fighting on the side of Bashar al-Assad’s regime,” and for “launching an Iranian drone over Israel, which may drag Lebanon into a situation desired by the enemy.”

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