Lebanon's Gas Future: Interview with Dr. Carole Nakhle
Lebanon's gas future: interview with Carole Nakhle

Natural Gas Europe had the pleasure to interview Dr Carole Nakhle, Director of Crystol Energy. Dr Nakhle has more than 17 years of experience in energy economics. She worked in academia (University of Surrey), the oil and gas industry (Eni and Statoil), policy making (Special Parliamentary Advisor in the House of Lords), and as a consultant to the IMF, World Bank and Commonwealth Secretariat. She is a Research Fellow at the Lebanese Centre for Policy Studies and a Scholar at the Carnegie Middle East Centre. Dr Nakhle has published two books and numerous articles and writes for academic journals as well as newspapers and magazines. As Energy Expert, she is a regular contributor to the Geopolitical Information Service. She lectures, among others at the Graduate School of International and Development Studies in Geneva, and is a sought after commentator on energy and geopolitics in the press and on TV. Dr Nakhle is the founder and director of the non-for-profit organisation “Access for Women in Energy”.

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