What has LOGI been up to? [June 2020]
on 6/26/2020

This article was published in LOGI's June 2020 newsletter in partnership with Kulluna Irada

In partnership with Friedrich Ebert Stiftung (FES), LOGI held an interactive webinar this June about the Lebanese onshore exploration. The webinar hosted around 50 participants and answered several questions about the onshore exploration in Lebanon: 

  1. Where is Lebanon today in onshore gas exploration?

  2. What are the steps that Lebanon should take before thinking of onshore exploration?

  3. What is the role of citizens and civil society on this matter?

  4. What are the upcoming steps? 

Click here to read the latest onshore petroleum resource draft law done in 2019

Also, In partnership with Friedrich Ebert Stiftung and Kulluna Irada, LOGI hosted a number of relevant virtual stakeholder meetings discussing different aspects of the management of Lebanon’s natural resources. Discussions were facilitated by Expert Andrew Bauer.

We will be sharing the main recommendations and agreed way forward resulting from these meetings in next month’s newsletter issue.

Under its project “A United Civil Society for a Transparent Petroleum Sector” done in partnership with Publish What You Pay, LOGI held its last EITI capacity development training addressed to all political parties in Lebanon. The purpose is  to ensure that different stakeholders are aware of the importance of implementing the EITI in Lebanon and subsequently well represented. 

Finally, the Lebanese Oil and Gas Business Network (LOGBN) hosted LOGI through a webinar entitled “Examining the results and moving forward” where LOGI’s executive director, Diana Kaissy tackled the first drilling exploration results in block 4, the upcoming exploration in block 9 and debunked the fake news that were being circulated over the past month. An outstanding interaction from the audience led to a very fruitful discussion around the importance of a good oil and gas management, thus transparency and accountability.

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