What has LOGI been up to? [February 2020]
on 2/27/2020

1- Youth Parliamentary Delegation Training 

LOGI kicked off the month with a 3-day training on February 1st, 2nd and 16th at the Sami Makarem Cultural Center in Aytat. The training for a group of university students in the Chouf and Aley districts covered different areas, namely, basics on the oil and gas sector in Lebanon, communication skills, advocacy, policy brief development and understanding how the parliament operates.  The students were divided into teams where each team worked on developing a policy brief to tackle a timely issue that is relevant to their daily lives.Future meetings with members of parliament and ecision makers are being arranged.


2- Meeting with NGOs, activists and political actors

LOGI organized a coordination meeting for different stakeholders (non-governmental organizations, non-state political parties, movements, activists and political actors) on February 20th. The aim was to exchange ideas and experiences around efforts towards strengthening public participation in decision making. As a result, the participants have agreed to consolidate their efforts through a joint advocacy campaign to ensure that full, transparent and inclusive processes underpin all parliamentary committee meetings.


3- Meeting with Norwegian Ambassador 

LOGI and other civil society partners were invited by H.E the Norwegian Ambassador in Lebanon Leni Stenseth to discuss good governance, transparency and accountability in Lebanon’s nascent oil and gas sector. Discussion revolved around how civil society can play a pivotal role to ensure that the sector develops in a manner that ensures citizens benefit from their natural resources in an equitable and sustainable manner.

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