Total says Lebanon offshore drilling halfway done

Lebanon’s first-ever offshore exploratory drill is roughly halfway complete in Block 4 off the coast of Beirut, according to the General Manager of Total E&P Lebanon, Ricardo Darre. 

Speaking to LOGI on March 23, Darree said that the drilling was ongoing at a depth of about 3000 meters and would take a total of about 60 days. Then, he said the same amount of time should be given for analysis of the find to determine its commercial viability. 

“Normally, if you drill into a prospect and there is nothing you know pretty quickly, and if it’s phenomenally big you also know pretty quickly. But 80 percent of the time it’s shades of grey,” he said. 

Total leads a consortium with Italy-based Eni and Russia’s Novatek that is licensed to drill in two of Lebanon’s 10 offshore blocks: 4 and 9.

Drilling in Block 9 is scheduled to take place in December, but may be subject to delays.


Photo Source: Lebanon Gas News

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