The Lebanese Petroleum Administration Publishes Reasons for Extension in Response to LOGI's Demand to Know Why
on 9/8/2017

Mr. Wissam Chbat, president of the Lebanese Petroleum Administration tweeted today from his account a snap shot of the recommendation letter that the LPA had sent to the Minister of Energy and Water Mr. Cesar Abi Khalil regarding the extension of the closure of the first bidding round. This tweet (https://twitter.com/wchbat/status/906073059920052225)  came in response to LOGI's questions regarding the reasons for the extension.

The reasons for the extension as explained by Mr. Chbat, were:

1. The companies asked for more time to be able to prepare all the documents required by the Tender Protocol

2. With the extension granted, the companies will have the opportunity to review the Petroleum Tax Law that should be passed during the upcoming legislative session that will be held on the 19th and 20th of this month





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