Globalization's Litmus Test? Middle East & North Africa
Everyone wants a bite of the MENA region's gas cake, but Asia seems to be slightly ahead of all.

The current international negotiations about Syria in Geneva are of great interest for the international community. But as talks demonstrate, the international community is such a vague concept, a flimsy idea that does not depict the complexity of the relationships involved, now more than ever.

It comes as no surprise the peace negotiations are making little or no progress. The Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov recently dismissed a draft UN security council resolution. This clearly suggests that different countries have different interests.

As said at the Middle East and North Africa Energy 2014, a two-day conference organized by Chatham House, the only way to overcome the impasse in the region is to create overlapping interests. The case of Israel signing a long-term gas contract with Palestinian Authority is the main example: the contract made interests merge. Both parties will oppose the disruption of the gas flow from the Leviathan field. 

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