LOGI: A Step Towards A Healthier O&G Industry

A new NGO was launched this week focused on Lebanon’s oil and gas industry. It is theLebanese Oil and Gas Initiative, LOGI, which has been long awaited since the end of 2014, and which will be promoting public awareness and sustainable development of Lebanon’s oil and gas sector. The Organization has been co-founded by a small group of young, well-experienced experts in the O&G field in the aim of developing a network of Lebanese experts in the global energy industry and providing them with a platform to educate Lebanese policy makers as well as Lebanese citizens on the key decisions facing the oil and gas industry. The co-founders Georges Sassine, Karen Ayat, and  Jeremy Arbid have made huge efforts in the past months to set up the basics and launch the NGO with professionalism and commitment.  Today, the team will start communicating with the Lebanese citizens through a website and a crowd funding campaign that has been launched on April 7, and our website had the chance to have an exclusive interview with Mr. Georges Sassine, one of LOGI’s co-founders and a strategy leader in the Energy field, who has been moving lately between the US and Lebanon to make everything move smoothly.

What is the main purpose of establishing the Lebanese Oil & Gas Initiative (LOGI)?

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