03 What has Lebanon done so far?
Timeline for Oil and Gas in Lebanon and the region
Private Company to Advise Lebanon on Exploration
Lebanon’s Higher Council for Privatization commissions UK ATenergy to advise on developing exploration licensing.
Dec 2012
Lebanon Announces First Offshore Licensing Round
Lebanon’s first offshore oil and gas licensing round approved.
Feb 2013
Lebanon Launches First Offshore Licensing Round
Pre-qualification phase commences. In March, the prequalification round closes with 46 companies eligible to bid in Lebanon’s first licensing round.
Aug 2014
Lebanon Postpones Licensing Round Indefinitely
After several postponements the MoEW announces a new deadline for the first licensing round to be 6 months after the government passes necessary decrees.
April 2017
Ministry of Energy announces eligible companies for first offshore oil and gas licensing

On April 26, 2017 the ministry of energy announced the companies that are qualified to submit bids in Lebanon's first offshore oil and gas licensing round, with contracts set to be signed in November. The qualified companies now total 51, including those that were greenlit during the first qualification round back in 2013.

Sep 2017
Minister of Energy and Water announces the extension of the first offshore oil and gas bidding round

On September 7, the minister of Energy and Water, Cezar Abi Khalil, extends the bidding round from September 15 to October 12. 

Oct 2017
Closure of first bidding round for oil and gas exploration

On October 12th, the Minister of Energy and Water announces the closure of the bidding round. One consortium, composed of TOTAL, ENI, and NOVATEK, submits two separate bids on blocks 4 and 9. 

Jan 2018
Lebanese Government Signs first exploration and production agreements with consurtium
BASICS about Oil and Gas in Lebanon