Lebanon Petroleum Day: Evaluating the Media Coverage

The Lebanon Petroleum Day (LPD) 2014 organized on October 22 by the Lebanese Petroleum Administration (LPA) presented an opportunity to evaluate the progress made by Lebanese media in their coverage of the nascent oil and gas sector. The event was a watered-down version of the Lebanon International Petroleum Exhibition and Conference, LIPEC 2014, which was supposed to be held over two days on October 22-23 but was postponed until 2015. The more ambitious LIPEC could have represented a more consistent test for local media but LPD was nonetheless the first major oil and gas event in the country since the launching of the Lebanese Media Coverage of the Oil and Gas Sector report in August 2014, based on the findings of a thorough monitoring conducted between February 1 and April 15, 2014.

 We were interested to see if media outlets went further in their reporting and offered additional input. 

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