Lebanon's First Offshore Licensing Round (The Pre-qualified Companies)

It is with great pleasure that I welcome the pre-qualified oil and gas companies to participate in Lebanon’s FirstOffshore Licensing Round.

On the dawn of this new era in the history of Lebanon, we look forward to join forces with the oil and gas industry to ensure mutual success.

The oil and gas resources in Lebanon present both an opportunity and a responsibility. An opportunity for economic and social development of our nation, and a responsibility to protect the rights of future generations.

We strive to work with you on creatinglong term partnerships and models of cooperation, that integrates your commercial benefits into our national vision and interests.

The Lebanese State has achieved a lot in a short period of time. From enacting the Offshore Petroleum Resources law and issuing all related regulations and decrees, to surveying our land and water and appointing the Petroleum Administration whose efforts and efficiency in meeting their set milestones has made this day possible.

Last but not least, I assure you of the commitment of the Lebanese State in providing its full support and exerting all necessary efforts in ensuring a successful, transparent and efficient process all the way to production.

Gebran Bassil

Minister of Energy and Water

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